‘How I lost my confidence when I lost my face’

You’ve probably heard the phrase “when the face doesn’t fit”, describing an individual who finds him or herself in a tricky workplace situation. This colloquial use seems to neglect the implications that the saying can have on people with disfigurements, where living with one can be a daily nightmare — not being able to walk down the street to the nearest shop without getting awkward glances or sympathetic smiles. Employment is just another environment in which the disfigured can be engaged in a discourse with their fears and anxieties. I myself have one. I have lived with it for 24 years, and I am comfortable in my own skin. Underneath the bravado, the smiles and tough exterior there is vulnerability though — the vulnerability that comes from the feeling that your face doesn’t fit. Graduating in I was low on confidence — school and college were not very pleasant experiences for me. The prospect of being thrown out in to the big wide world of work, like being thrown to a pack of wolves, was daunting. Of course I cannot claim that me disclosing my disfigurement was the reason for the reams of “Sorry. We received a high volume of applications.

The Importance of Facial Equality

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Search Search. Menu Sections. We were in Maspalomas on holiday relaxing after a meal and our children had just left us to play when the shouting started. T his guy was practically screaming at me across the restaurant and at first I couldn’t quite make out what he was saying. Then the words percolated through: “You’re ugly”, “bastard”, “People like you shouldn’t be here.

It was obvious that my facial disfigurement was the cause of his diatribe. I quickly got over my own surprise and thought it best to leave and take my shocked wife with me. This was the sort of incident I had hoped my wife would never witness, but I was grateful that at least our children hadn’t been present. So what triggered the hate-filled incident?

Possibly, but perhaps his hostility and aggression were naked expressions of his true feelings.

This author got super real about what it’s like dating with a facial deformity

When Tammy Saunders lost part of her face her confidence died. But getting back into the world of dating has helped her re-find her self-confidence, she writes. We all have those aspects of our appearance, personality or abilities that cause self-doubt at one time or another. The teenage years are often the worst and my teens were an uphill struggle against bad skin, frizzy hair and body woes. The beauty and charisma of childhood were gradually chipped away.

The British public is much more aware and tolerant of facial disfigurements these days, had endured unwanted and unpleasant comments while dating online.

Like any kind of loss, the feelings of sorrow hopefully will become easier to live with in time. Those born with facial palsy experience similar feelings of loss, only for the face they should have had. I guess he thinks I should be used to it by now. This can make it difficult for a person with facial paralysis to introduce themselves to potential partners because they will always, on first impression, have a slightly unusual face.

It can be tempting for the person with facial palsy to try and hide their differences by not smiling too much, but then this can come across as being unfriendly, which is also unhelpful. Online dating is difficult for people with facial palsy because most people want to see a photograph, and photographs are not always easy for someone with a facial difference. In order to hide the paralysis they may hold a close-lipped smile in place, or have the photo taken from an angle.

However, if they enjoy the company of someone who they are communicating with online and it is decided to meet up in person, this raises the question of whether they should explain their facial paralysis first. Because facial palsy is so rare, it is not always easy for the potential partner to visualise what this means, which can be off-putting. It is important for the person without facial palsy to remember that once you know someone you tend to see past the paralysis and see the person as a whole.

Online dating with a facial difference? – Changing Faces

A couple of weeks back, I had the chance to talk with Jenny Kattlove about modern dating and the overall experience of having a facial difference. Jenny was born with several hemangiomas, benign tumors, on her face. She grew up in southern California, in a highly appearance-conscious community.

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Beauty And The Beast: Format

Home Recent Discussions Search. I recently met a really lovely guy and I’m pretty sure he was born with this facial disfigurement. At first glance, it looks like one cheek is kinda swollen – maybe from getting your wisdom teeth pulled – but then you see that it’s likely a birth defect.

People with facial differences and disfigurements have shared Elly said she struggles with dating and isn’t sure if she would turn up to a blind.

The classic fairy tale Beauty and the Beast is hitting the big screens again in a new adaptation. In the traditional story, Belle is taken captive by the Beast in his castle. As she comes to know him, she learns to look beyond his outward appearance and to fall in love with the true person underneath. When Belle declares her love for the Beast, he is transformed back into the handsome prince he was before a wicked fairy cast a spell on him. They both live happily ever after.

The message is clear: inner character is more important than outward appearance, and looking beyond physical ugliness can lead to true happiness in a relationship. And yet, in popular culture, an unattractive or disfigured person is usually depicted as a villain with a warped personality. Even in Beauty and the Beast , the person with a disfigurement is really a handsome prince under a spell who is transformed back into his true self at the end of the story.

In real life, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that we judge other people far too readily on their appearance. My own research in , building on previous research by others, compared the way we react to photographs of people depicted with facial disfigurement. When participants in our study were shown photos of people with facial disfigurement, they judged those people to be less outgoing, competitive and assertive than the same people when shown in images without facial disfigurement.

They were also judged to be more sensitive and emotional, to be a follower rather than a leader, and were expected to be more warm and trustworthy. However, these somewhat negative views of people with facial disfigurement contrasted with positive views of people shown with a different type of impairment — restricted mobility. When shown a picture of a man without facial disfigurement sitting in a wheelchair, participants in our study judged him to be more outgoing, competitive and assertive than the picture of the same man standing up.

Would you ever date someone with facial disfigurement?

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Mel Spencer finds the best way to deal with online dating with a facial disfigurement.

Skip navigation! Story from Relationships. When it comes to chat-up lines, it’s important to be original. But one random man in Manchester took that advice a little too literally when he tried to woo me with this knock-out opener:. I was born with a cleft lip and palate: it’s a common facial disfigurement affecting one in people. With medical treatment in my case, eight operations to rebuild my face, and three years of orthodontic treatment , people born with a cleft lip go on to live perfectly ‘normal’ lives.

As far as disfigurements go, mine is so far from serious that I often forget there was ever anything ‘wrong’ with me at all. Years of therapy have probably helped on that front, too.

Challenges people with facial disfigurements face

Please refresh the page and retry. L ike many young women, Hannah Shewan Stevens and her friends often bemoan the state of modern romance. Anyone who has delved into the difficult world of online dating will, like them, have a horror story or two to share. Who needs that?

Changing Faces provides practical support for individuals living with disfigurements, through counselling and networks, and wants to change.

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