Graduate Assistant Payment of Segregated Fees Policy

This is probably an unpopular opinion but I enjoyed grad school way more than I did college. I appreciated the smaller class sizes, the more intensive research work I got to do, and the ability to work alongside professors I’d admired for years. The academic experience wasn’t the only way grad school was different from college, though. After two years as a grad student, I learned that dating in grad school brought with it an entirely new rulebook I hadn’t read in college. As a grad student, you’re in a different phase of your adult life. You’re most likely in charge of all of your finances now, you probably have fewer roommates, and hopefully, you’re more inclined to do your laundry yourself rather than taking it all home for your mom.


International students are responsible for keeping their visa documents in order and notifying International Student Services of any changes in program length. Skip to main content. The University of Arizona. Appointment Process and Responsibilities.

Student. Status, Active. Effective Adoption Date, Through their graduate assistantships, students receive intensive mentoring.

The cost of attending the University of Oklahoma includes tuition, fees, books, housing including room and board , transportation, and miscellaneous living expenses. Contact Bursar Services in the Student Financial Center for specific information about tuition and fees. Financial support is any financial resource that a student may receive to assist in meeting the cost of attending the university. Financial Aid Services awards and monitors all federal and need-based awards.

For additional information on financial aid programs and application information, contact:. Student Financial Center Asp Ave. Students are encouraged to utilize the Financial Aid Services website for general financial aid and scholarship information, as well as to check the status of their financial aid application. Many academic units and other administrative areas employ graduate students on a part-time basis as graduate assistants.

Graduate assistantships are awarded and governed by the individual appointing units. Students should contact the appointing unit to obtain information about graduate assistantships. The QGA tuition waiver program is designed to provide tuition support to graduate students whose graduate assistantship is relevant to their study and an integral part of their graduate education experience.

Assistantships & Student Support/Scholarships

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Graduate Student Assistantships Overload Request Form. This form Date. II. DESCRIPTION OF OVERLOAD ACTIVITIES AND JUSTIFICATION FOR NEED.

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The University of Texas at Austin “University” is committed to maintaining an academic community including associated teaching, research, working and athletic environments free from conflicts of interest, favoritism, and exploitation. Romantic relationships between certain categories of individuals affiliated with the University risks undermining the essential educational purpose of the University and can disrupt the workplace and learning environment. This policy applies to all University employees including faculty , student employees, students, and affiliates.

Any person serving in the capacity as an Intercollegiate Athletics head coach, associate head coach, assistant coach, graduate assistant coach, coaching intern, volunteer coach, or any individual exercising coaching responsibilities.

The term “graduate assistant” will be used throughout this document where policies apply to any of the four types of graduate student staff appointments.

Northern Illinois University employs graduate assistants in order to provide them enriched learning experiences. Through their graduate assistantships, students receive intensive mentoring, which contributes to the development of the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to become the next generation of innovators and scholar-experts in their fields of study.

As mentored researchers and teachers, graduate assistants help the university achieve its mission. Despite the important contributions that graduate assistants make to the institutional mission, the university primarily invests in graduate assistants and any tuition waiver associated with assistantships in order to enhance the education and training of graduate students. Consequently, graduate assistants are first and foremost students.

As assistants, they perform conscientiously and professionally the tasks assigned them. Toggle navigation Policy Library.


Graduate assistantships GA are intended to provide graduate students with valuable educational and professional experiences related to their degree program. For years, these positions have helped improve the quality and scope of our graduate programs and university by attracting high quality students. All graduate assistantship awards are based upon merit and not financial need. Create a profile , search for GA openings and apply for an available Graduate Assistantship.

Graduate assistantships may be renewed with the recommendation of the awarding department and approval of the Graduate Dean for a maximum of four terms. Graduate assistantships may be renewed during the summer term but this term counts toward the maximum of four terms.

Graduate assistants (GAs) are, first and foremost, graduate students pursuing an education. student beginning the assistantship after the posted Start date.

For eligibility, students must be accepted as a graduate student in a degree program and be enrolled full-time. Graduate students enrolled fully online program that exempts them from paying campus-based fees are not eligible for graduate assistantships. See Full-time Enrollment Requirements. Both half- and full-stipend assistantships are available. Half-stipend assistantships require students to perform assistantship assignments for a minimum of 10 hours per week during the period of the assignment.

Full-stipend assistantships require students to perform assistantship assignments for a minimum of 20 hours per week during the period of the assignment. In rare circumstances, students may be appointed to assistantships with total hourly commitments that extend beyond hours per week. During the fall and spring terms, approval for appointments above 20 hours per week must be requested using the Supplemental Assignment Form ; during the Summer term, prior approval is not required.

Departments vary widely in their normal stipend rates. Specific eligibility and application guidelines for graduate assistants are established by the colleges and departments. To apply for an assistantship, students should contact their Graduate Program Director in the department of study. Part-time students those registered for less than 9 hours in fall and spring terms, or less than 6 hours in summer term and nondegree students are not eligible to receive assistantships.

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Graduate assistantships enhance student educational objectives by providing practicum-based experiences, including the development and application of teaching, conducting research and other skills, while advancing the mission of the University. Graduate assistantships also provide financial support in the form of stipends and tuition assistance paid at in-state rate to aid full-time or half-time degree-seeking students enrolled in post-baccalaureate degree programs.

Assistants are eligible to receive a stipend and tuition waiver paid at the in-state rate of up to 18 credits per fiscal year. To be eligible for the tuition waiver, students must enroll for a minimum of six credits in both the fall and spring terms. Tuition is waived only for graduate courses applicable toward masters degree requirements.

The tuition waiver does not include waiver of fees.

Graduate assistantships (GA) are intended to provide graduate students with the student’s graduate assistantship will be terminated effective the date that the.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Academia Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for academics and those enrolled in higher education. It only takes a minute to sign up. I am a 32 year old Assistant Professor. I met a girl at a conference. I liked her, but I realized she is a graduate student at the same university where I am faculty member.

She is from the same school, but from a different department. Is it ethical for me to date her? I hope it’s ethical! My husband was a graduate student at the university I’m a professor at, in a different department in the same school, when we started dating. In separate departments, that’s not likely to be an issue: most assistant professors at most universities don’t have power over graduate students in other departments. There are still situations where issues could arise – say, if you ended up on the panel choosing which grad student from the school would win a prize, and she were a candidate; or if you were asked to be the outside member of her thesis committee at a school which picks outside members to be professors from other departments.

So, unless your school has a specific policy on the subject, it’s probably ethical, as long as you make sure to avoid being in a position that creates a specific conflict.

Becoming a Student Assistant