French Heavies-Really THAT awful?

Thanks guys, for giving us this while we were acting like teenagers at the peak of puberty who feel entitled to everything but want to give nothing in return. Now we can go back to bitching about when 0. Which reminds me, when is 0. Just picked this game up at Walmart 2 days ago and as a former Tanker in the U. Army I gotta ask myself why i never found this sooner. What an amazing game guys. I have been mesmerized for hours playing this already!!!! Wow, thank you for posting this.

Is the ARL-44 cursed or something?

Doch wie geht man hier am besten vor? Im Prinzip ist es ganz einfach. Aber dann doch wieder nicht. Soweit so gut. Aber wie geht man die Suche wirklich am besten an? Und das obwohl sie optisch und technisch noch gut in Schuss sind.

how to play arl

Jump to content. Guys, for those of you who buy a new tank from WG, and then wonder when grinding it and NOT paying gold To instantly upgrade it, why you are in battles which seem difficult. Hello llo1, Thank you for contacting the Wargaming Support for your request. Please understand that the Matchmaker is not related with the penetration system, so if you wondering why you can not pen the enemies armor the Matchmaker is not to blame. I hope that we could at least respond to your request to your satisfaction and we are aware that you are not fully satisfied.

If there are other questions left, that you do not hesitate to contact us again so we can solve them together. Your feedback matters! Fill in our survey once your issue is resolved.

French D2 is actually enjoyable

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highlights: DCA 45 penetration and firing speed reduced. -ARL health nerfed. Ever wanted to drive a the tier 6 equivalent of the tiger before they buffed it at the​.

OverallBurrito7 my regular 85 has like 6,09 sec reload and 85m has like 4,30 or smth. Also credits and crew training. Thanks for uploading to YouTube quite frequently. Jakob Pesl weve all been watching him for a long time, I didnt really notice how long its been but its been so much fun. Evem if its a complaint or rant he always comes back and actually shows you fun. Traditional nostalgic wot fun consistently. Thats why I watch him.

Grinding the ARL 44

Jump to content. Played a few games in this tank and it feels nice. It turns on a dime, the gun spits fire and the alpha hurts at that tier and it has some really good side scraping potential to bounce shots and it has a workable gun depression. Stock like any tank is killer bad but one or 2 games and you can pretty much unlock the whole tank and start contributing actually.

It uses the same guns as the ARL 44, which are less outstanding for its tier, but with improved rate of fire, accuracy, and aim time. Although the M4.

TIL a mobile app for world of tanks is a thing. I saw this post 3hrs ago and since then, I haven’t the game down! Thanks for that! I’ve been saving for a desktop and itching to play. It’s also a much easier game ;-. I still have it in my garage. Couldn’t bring myself to sell it. And it is still the tank on which I have the most battles on That’s part of what makes Blitz lack any depth whatsoever though The fact that you get free armor visibility, microscopic maps and less diversity just makes Blitz seem like half of the game it should be.

Consistent 60 FPS on low-mid graphics. Yes, I totally understand that, but I’m saying that there are some people who are non-mobile gamers that choose to play Blitz on their PC rather than the actual WoT. That I don’t understand.

War Thunder – ARL-44

Jump to content. But that grind is a PITA like no other grind. And now, the first 10 games lost in a row mostly Tier 7 games and you know I have saved quite some Free Exp. Shall I sell it again to spare me more shame? SonderAbteilung, on 26 August – PM, said:.

Unlike its top most dating apps for. Topped elwyn reded her tuning and very good armored hull armor and u use the major super league/arl court decisions.

Posted March 29, The only good tank in a line? What about the sherman firefly with its tier VII heavy gun? Posted March 8, Posted February 26, Posted February 23, Posted February 20, Posted February 18, Posted February 17, Togs and tiger Ps were shooting my side armor while I was wrecking them from cover.

Too bad I was on HT Posted February 15,

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The ARL is a post-war heavy tank project, purely intended for French engineers Development of the ARL began shortly after the Liberation of France in People still don\’t know how matchmaking works lmao.

Jump to content. GrawLixz, on 03 March – AM, said:. Check out my Minion’s voice mod! Mick, on 03 March – AM, said:. Back to World of Tanks for now. FryaDuck, on 02 March – PM, said:. Otakubouzu, on 03 March – PM, said:. Community Forum Software by IP.

War Thunder – ARL-44 (ACL-1) “Behind Enemy Lines”